Satire, humor, salvation, and craftsmanship in the larger-than-life sculptures of Cindy Jackson

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Los Angeles Art Association

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Los Angeles August 18th–  We are pleased to present [Not Quite] Salvation: a unique, larger-than-life sculptural installation created by artist Cindy Jackson for her solo show opening at the Los Angeles Art Association on September 6th from 6-9pm.

These outward signs of spiritual assimilation are something all of us address throughout our lives, in various degrees, depending on our upbringing. For her, spirituality has always had a lot of accompanying baggage (dragging with one broken wheel) along behind it. “Naturally, our culture assimilates meaning as a group act- with a weird logic toward the topical and surface details of things without us delving deeper into their true intent and meaning.” Jackson’s new installation is about examining ways in which we, as a society, seek “Salvation.”

Shana Nys Dambrot writes about Cindy Jackson’s work: “In this world everything is assigned meaning — natural phenomena, choreographed ablutions, invented signifiers, obscure scripture, works of art. Our hyperbolic media-driven meta-condition of superficiality, simultaneity and speed has diluted the magic of even once-potent words, symbols, and rituals. This is a condition sculptor Cindy Jackson aims to counter with [Not Quite] Salvation, an ambitious collection of two interrelated large-scale sculptural installations — an interpretation of the Seven Deadly Sins, and a multifaceted “church service” which includes a gauntlet of towering figures in prayer, a pair of hanging figures, and a dramatic altar-style denouement. By turns deftly framing the problem through satire and alleviating the pressure through humor and craftsmanship, Jackson’s work speaks to our yearning for salvation partly through irony and partly through love.”*

Cindy Jackson is a sculptor working in fiberglass, urethane, and bronze. She lives and works in Glendale, California. Jackson received her BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and exhibits internationally. Besides her remarkable sculptural presence, Jackson also works in the public art realm and recently exhibited her Yo-Yo Men throughout the Los Angeles area.

*Excerpt from Shana Nys Dambrot, Los Angeles, 2014


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