All the Missing Pieces by Isabella Kelly- Ramirez opening @ Los Angeles Art Association January 2015

All the Missing Pieces (save the date) 150dpi

(LOS ANGELES, January 24, 2015) The Los Angeles Art Association Gallery 825 will open an exhibition featuring Isabella Kelly-Ramirez’s new work, All the Missing Pieces. The show will feature an installation of nearly 30 recent collages, curated into an intimate installation of self-reflection.

All the Missing Pieces showcases Kelly- Ramirez’s surreal collage portraits that serve as whimsical re-imaginings of mainstream media imagery. Her skillful manipulation of magazine images via a hand cut collage method create psychological portraits of iconic stature. They are a rejuvenated reinterpreting of the existing imagery into something edgier- a figurative catalyst for irony, humor, and beauty as well as darkness. These characters become saints and super-heros; icons of the un-inhibited, and un-commercialized, saviors of imperfection.

All the Missing Pieces is the title of the featured wallpaper that is digitally printed from a large-format hand cut collage. This constellation of hundreds of tiny images, serve as the talisman for the collage character portraits.They represent all of the material objects that must be purchased in order to fill the void. The altar of “ego” contains a bejeweled assortment of personal boudoir products, a medicine cabinet for beauty.

Isabella Kelly-Ramirez is a Los Angeles based visual artist who graduated from UCLA, School of Arts and Architecture with her B.A. in 2008. She has exhibited in Southern California since 2000, and has been a member of Los Angeles Art Association since 2013. Her most recent works have been exhibited at Gallery 825.

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