Chaos and Balance in Chenhung Chen’s linear sculptures

Introducing Chenhung Chen’s new website

Entelechy #9

Entelechy #9

Chenhung’s statement

In my work I focus on line, always recognizing its presence within drawing, Chinese calligraphy and painting, and American Abstract Expressionism. I appreciate the linear qualities inherent in nature. Through the use of line, I try to express feelings of delicacy, buoyancy, suavity, motion, power and strength.

Within the creative process from my urban recluse experiences, I express the sense of force, inner existence and endless life through drawing and sculpture/installation. My 3D work is composed of recycled materials including; copper wire, electrical wire and components, and some found objects.

My work is about harmony and dissonance, peace and chaos, the beautiful and the grotesque, the subtle and the powerful. It is also about the driving force for inner fulfillment, balance, meditative process, human internal structures, the transitional human condition, and experiencing the inner power. I feel the realization, understanding, and experience of “Wholeness” or “the Self” which makes this sometimes melancholy and solitary existence complete.

Entelechy #10 Detail

Entelechy #10 Detail

Chenhung Chen is an artist living and working in Los Angeles. She was born in Beigang, Taiwan graduating from the Chinese Cultural University. She continued her post-graduate education at the School of Visual Arts in New York City where she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree. She has traveled the world spending time in India, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, North Eastern China as well as Beijing, and Rome, as a volunteer for a non-profit organization working for global peace.



Rising and Falling

Rising and Falling

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