Newest member to the Shoebox family, Susan Lizotte showing at Durden and Ray April 18th!

Susan surveys in paint the issues of abuse of power, control, image production, mercury and mythology. She is concerned with the abuses of the medical establishment and of the government. The misuse of mercury, the element, began at the end of the 15th century. Its misuse continues today and is closely linked to the rise of Autism, although hotly debated. The paintings seek to address images created to further an agenda, used by those in power. The paintings are flawed or broken to show both seen and unseen. Architecture is intended to evoke power as symbol, a place where everyday decisions have the potential to inflict terror on society.

Opening Saturday April 18th 6-10pm, Susan Lizotte will be part of the inaugural group show at Durden and Ray in Downtown Los Angeles.

Durden and Ray
Saturday April 18th, 6-10pm
1950 S Sante Fe, Los Angeles, CA 90021 (opp. CB1 and Rosamund Felsen Gallery)


From the Durden and Ray press release, “Here! presents a spectrum of works from members of this collaborative group of Los Angeles based artists, now in their 4th year. Ranging from painting and sculpture, through sound, video and performance as well as works made by the whole group, Durden & Ray will continue their record of exhibitions in the new space, concentrating after this first introduction, on small tightly curated group shows organized by the members, as well as the hosting of international artists as part of their commitment to global exchange and alternative networks.”

“Bedeviled”, oil on linen, 18″ x 12″

Susan Lizotte is an artist living and working in Los Angeles California. Her paintings blend figurative and abstract elements and have been exhibited in both the United States and London, England. She is currently working on her series entitled Mercury, which investigates the misuse and abuse of the element mercury for the last five centuries. Susan is also a contributing writer for Figure/Ground Communication for their Artist Series interviews. Susan made her curatorial debut in January 2015 with a show titled “Traces of the Gesture” for the Torrance Art Museum.

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