Here Comes the Bride and Other Nightmares by Freyda Miller


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Open to the public Friday June 5th noon until 9pm for Friday Night Liberty

You can also meet the artist, Freyda Miller, Friday June 5th from 6-9pm

Please join us Friday June 5th 6 to 9pm for the public opening of Freyda Miller’s solo show Here Comes the Bride and Other Nightmares. This special exhibition based on her book with the same name opens at the Women’s Museum of California in San Diego.

Art Critic Shana Nys Dambrot writes about Freyda Miller’s work, “Miller is drawn to objects possessing a quality of evocative and poetic significance, so that the personal and the universal mingle as she articulates and refines her visual language. While the images are often quite beautiful they are also frequently dark, mysterious, and iconoclastic. This reflects Miller’s perennial impulse to render an element of the amiss, to assert that things are not always what they seem. It becomes clear that although the nuptial ceremonial and ritual iconography is overt and recognizable, the Bride as she appears here is a symbol for a fuller range of female consciousness. The true strength of this book is reflective of how far women have come, yet profoundly expressive of women’s veiled turmoil, conflict and continued struggle for equality.”

Freyda Miller resides in Los Angeles where she works as a visual artist. She is a graduate of the UCLA Fine Art Department, with a major in Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Arts and an emphasis in fine art photography. While working on her personal art she also began her own business, Prop Connection West, providing styling and production coordinating services for photographers and production companies on the East Coast, Midwest and the Los Angeles area. Her 20 years of experience in this area encompassed set decorating, casting, wardrobe, location scouting and props. Her work is exhibited widely and has been collected by The St. Louis Museum of Art, The New Orleans Museum of Art, The Rijksmuseum: Amsterdam, Tokyo and Fuji Art Museum: Tokyo, Peter Palmquist Archives at Yale University: Women In Photography International Archives and UCLA Library, Department of Special Collections.

Here comes the Bride and Other Nightmares is supported by the County Board of Supervisors and the San Diego Commission for the Arts


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