Haphazard presents PUNCTUM, an immersive photography exhibition by Arpi Agdere

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Haphazard is pleased to present a solo exhibition of photographs by Arpi Agdere titled “Punctum”. Agdere is a studio artist who uses photography and not a photographer per-se. Developed in photographic medium, the works reveal a personalized landscape that is psychedelic and her interest in using “negation” in image making.

The black hole that figures prominently in the images owes its origin to early 20th century when photographic negatives were often destroyed by punching a hole through them with a paper puncher and then carefully archived. This strange act was performed on thousands of negatives from the Farm Security Administration that were deemed unfit or not usable by administrators, such as Roy Stryker who supervised the Information Division. Agdere deploys the same “negation” but now treated as a sign — in effect working in counterpoint with the psychedelic colors to create a polyphonic orchestration of signs and images that beautifully take us into the “punctum,” that is a term used by philosopher Roland Barthes and the title of the exhibition. Agdere’s landscape is punctuated with the horror of place and the nostalgia for another. The escape velocity for Agdere seems to be located on the same planet whose landscape is strangely mundane and alien, full of things familiar and strange, and full of wonder and wound.

Bio: Arpi is an artist whose focus is in the photographic medium. Originally from Istanbul, Turkey she lives in Los Angeles and received her BFA from Art Center in 2013



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