Los Angeles pop artist Andre Miripolsky begins work on Pomonacopia!!



Pomona 2015 – The School of Arts and Enterprise (The SAE) and the Friends of the SAE announce some exciting news for downtown Pomona. In what is perhaps the most important and energizing public art project unveiled in the Pomona Arts Colony in years, internationally renowned artist Andre Miripolsky will be covering every square foot of the exterior of the School of Arts and Enterprise’s new Middle School with a stunning new mural: Pomonacopia of Color.

This 10,500 square-foot painting will transform the building at 375 South Main Street into a work of art that will serve as an inspiration not only to the students who attend The SAE Middle School, but also all those who live, work, or visit downtown Pomona. It will celebrate the community’s longtime association with the arts, its exuberant colors and shapes reflecting the region’s geography and rich history, bringing a wonderful energy to the entire downtown neighborhood.

The mural most certainly will become a “must-see” work for cultural tourists and those who are passionate about extraordinary public art. It will be a confirmation of The SAE’s commitment to making downtown Pomona a vibrant, vital cultural center for the region.

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Andre Miripolsky’s keen understanding of pop imagery and energy launched a dynamic career that resulted in work with Elton John (the famous 1980 Concert in Central Park “Piano Keys” costume) and Bette Midler (album package/visual design for her 1982 worldwide “DeTour”), as well as Quincy Jones, The Rolling Stones, Gato Barbieri, Robin Williams, Beastie Boys, Cheap Trick, MTV, and “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno. For thirty years, he has continued to explore and discover creative wonders in his Kingdom of Color.

Miripolsky lives and works at the Brewery Art Colony in downtown LA and serves on the boards of the L.A. Art Alliance, the Downtown Artwalk, and the Hollywood Arts Council.

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