Visit Bibi Davidson’s studio this weekend at the Inglewood Open Studios 2015



BIBI DAVIDSON – “One is born to a certain talent and passion, which either is in his/her genes, past life or the influence of their environment. At a very early age I observed my surroundings around me and put them on paper, At a certain point I started to paint my stories, like a diary, In my stories I often appear as a girl, as a bunny, as a cat or even a flower, this is how I connect with my planet.”  Bibi was born in Israel where she discovered her ability to draw and paint at a very early age, through the years she attended private teachings, and went to an art institute. When her second daughter was born, bibi moved to Los Angeles where she worked as a film editor for 10 years. At a certain time bibi decided that painting was her calling, she quit everything and started to paint her stories. Since then, she kept painting her subject, the girl who represented herself and tell the story of her life and her dreams.


A Fish out of Water
A Fish out of Water

Inglewood Open Studios 2015

The first official Inglewood Open Studios occurred in November 2006, founded by artists Renee Fox and Kenneth Ober. It has since grown to a two day event and is held every second weekend in November and is organized by a group local artists, the nonprofit multidisciplinary organization, Inglewood Cultural Arts, Inc. and community members. This year’s event will be held Saturday, November 14th and Sunday, November 15th from 12pm-5pm each day. As with the original event, this year is a self-guided tour-simply download the map below and visit artist studios at your own pace and sequence.





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