“LA’s joie de vivre brings two artists together through conversation, collaboration and color”

In the studio with Sophia Tise
In the studio with Sophia Tise

Francisco Alvarado & Sophia Tise | Conversations in Color


April 9-24, 2016
Opening reception April 9, 5-9pm

Neutra Institute Gallery & Museum
2379 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

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At various times in art history, artists have migrated to cultures and vistas that give them new inspiration and conversation, changing how they create their art. Opening April 9th at Neutra Institute Gallery & Museum, we become eavesdroppers in a narrative on color, technology, line, form and future worlds between English born Sophia Tise and Ecuadorian Francisco Alvarado who met in the Los Angeles studio of a mutual friend.

“Conversations in Color”, a carefully curated, long thought out, two-person exhibition, came about when these two artists discovered they shared a similar passion for color, shape and line. Both had spent time in the Caribbean and were affected by the palette and light of the islands. Both artists use technology in their work by incorporating digital imagery into traditional painting and the use of social networking to collaborate.

Franciso’s work is heavily influenced by his Spanish culture and travels throughout Central and South American. He was encouraged by the counter-culture pop art scene in 1970s California and later using early personal computers to create art. In recent years, Francisco shifted into creating abstract art starting with digital images that become paintings. The social aspect of online networking has been extremely important in allowing an integration of creative technology and traditional painting and led to the collaboration with Sophia.

Sophia works on canvas creating paintings and collages with what Francisco describes as a “refreshingly calm palette”. Layering leaves and petals, softened with gels, sewing into them, exploring the results of embedding them in different mediums, and incorporating them into collages, her sensual organic forms reflect the liquid beauty of life. In her newest work, Sophia has become fascinated by incorporating digital images from her iPad and photographs into collage, exploring the contrast of linen and glossy paper, iPad images distorted, printed and covered in acrylic glues, woven back into the natural, traditional fabrics of early natural life.

After that first chance meeting, Sophia and Francisco stayed in touch through social media and, over time, realized a connection between conceptual ideas of nature and future technology. These ideas were incorporated into their painting and collage through the contrasts of digital photography and paint.

“Conversations in Color” is a joint showing of the work of these two kindred spirits of disparate backgrounds. Curated through social media, Skype and many visits to each others studios, these two artists infuse their joint show with a visual narrative that intertwines their love of nature, color and abstract worlds through collaboration and friendship.

Studio visit with Francisco Alvarado
Studio visit with Francisco Alvarado

About Sophia Tise
Born in England, schooled in Oxford, Sophia Tise (BFA London) is a mixed media artist, working with both large abstract paintings and small intimate collages. Born into a family of English painters, Sophia had a modeling career under her maiden name, Sophie Batsford and later as a stylist on TV commercials in England, where she worked with Stanley Kubrick as production buyer on “Eyes Wide Shut”. Throughout this time she worked as an artist, always painting, writing, and making collages. Sophia currently lives with her husband in California.

About Francisco Alvarado
Born and raised in Quito, Ecuador, Francisco journey as an artist began when he was six years old. After studying art at school, he was influenced by his art teacher Mr. Andrade who encouraged his passion for drawing. During his stays with his father he would spend the afternoons drawing from a collection of art books from Europe. In the early 80’s Francisco’s interest in technology – especially the introduction of the Apple computer gave him a new tool to create art. Francisco purchased a computer and learned to code. This decision developed a career working for the Entertainment Industry. Francisco currently lives in Southern California. He is a member of the Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825 and the Silver Lake Arts Community (SLAC). Francisco participated in Ink & Clay 38, receiving an honorary award.

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