Robert Nelson’s World View

Storm Cycle
Storm Cycle – Graphite, White Pencil and Acrylic on Wood Panel 36″ x 24″


Some are lucky enough to develop a world view through acquisition of unbiased knowledge, but the world view of many is pre-ordained by culture, or manipulated by institutions. The world today is striking in its defined sides. How can there be such distinct good and bad in the world while everyone in their heart is on the side of good?

I’m interested in dichotomy; innocence/corruption, the infinite/the finite, past/future, good/evil. It’s fascinating how meanings can change depending on point of view. I strive for images that are defined differently by each observer. An image where their experiences, prejudices and beliefs all combine into the final experience of the work. Not just random juxtaposition or absurdity for absurdities sake. It has to make sense at some level. A level that can’t always be defined.

My hope for an image that works on an immediate level and can also be appreciated in a deeper way. I like to work with ideas but not necessarily specific meaning. Meaning is not put into the image. Meaning comes from the image. The viewer is free to derive anything they will from the image.


Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams – Graphite and Acrylic on Board 36″ x 24″


Sacred Heart
Sacred Heart – Graphite, and Acrylic on Board 36″ x 20″


Studio Visit



What’s New is Old Again – Graphite, and Acrylic on Board 8.25″ x 13.7″



In Living Color
In Living Color – Graphite, White Pencil and Acrylic on Wood Panel 42″ x 103″


Point of View
Point of View – Graphite and Charcoal 22″ x 16″


Ohhh – Graphite and Acrylic on Wood 8″ x 8″


Silent Mortem
Silent Mortem – Graphite, White Pencil and Acrylic on Wood Panel


Rocket Love
Rocket Love – Graphite and Pastel 32″ x 24″


Inside Outside San Diego
Inside Outside San Diego

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