Brandon Kusher to raise money for the ‘The Crayon Initiative’ at Garboushian Gallery

Brandon Kusher, Venice Beach
Brandon Kusher, Venice Beach



Please come join us for a fun night out to view the environmental portraiture work of Brandon Kusher, while supporting The Crayon Initiative in support of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Garboushian Gallery 427 North Camden Drive Beverly Hills CA 90210

Saturday August 27th 6-8pm


RSVP here

Proceeds from the sales of photographs will be donated to The Crayon Initiative, which in turn will distribute hundreds of new crayons to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles on behalf of the funds raised.

The Crayon Initiative repurposes used crayons from homes, schools and restaurants by melting down and re-manufacturing them. Instead of ending up in landfills, crayons are given new life and donated to art programs at children’s hospitals across the U.S., helping alleviate children’s anxiety during their hospitalization by providing a creative outlet for self-expression.

For more information about the charity and to donate to a great cause, please visit

We look forward to seeing you there!

Brandon Kusher, Home Run Derby
Brandon Kusher, Home Run Derby

Brandon started taking pictures at the age of 15, borrowing his father’s Nikon 8008 camera. All it took to fall in love with photography was a trip to New York City and some black-and-white slide film. The people and the texture of the city introduced Brandon to what he still loves to shoot: people in environments with character.

Brandon loves to talk to strangers and learn a little bit more about who they are, so naturally photography has become a tool for him to learn more about different people and cultures around the world. He’s had the good fortune to travel to some amazing cities and always looks forward to his next adventure.

For Brandon, as much as he loves dialing in the final image, the most important part of his photographic journey is observing his surroundings and truly living in the moment. Getting lost in a new city with his camera is about as good as it gets, even if he ends up just talking to strangers.

In 2015 and 2016, Brandon had the distinguished honor of having two of his photos selected by the editors of National Geographic as some of their favorite pictures submitted to the magazine. Both of these pictures will be exhibited at the show along with many other of Brandon’s favorite work to date.

You can follow him on Instagram at @brandonkusherphoto or view his work at

Brandon Kusher, Portrait Of Man In Hat
Brandon Kusher, Portrait Of Man In Hat


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