BroadCast 2016 opens at Keystone Art Space September 10th

BroadCast 2016 Exhibition & Event

Keystone Gallery at Keystone Art Space

338 S. Ave 16, Los Angeles, CA 90031

Exhibition dates
September 8-19, 2016

September 10, 2016 3pm-6pm
Spoken Word organized by Gloria Enedina Alvarez 4pm-5pm
Music by Kelly Marie Martin 5:30pm

Open daily 11am-5pm
and by appointment

BroadCast is a collection of unique and peculiar works of art created for the public, strangers, and the unsuspecting. The word “broadcast” was originally used to describe the method of scattering seeds into a field or garden, and here, the artists scatter their art objects, entering the public realm with a spirit of generosity, risk, or anonymity.

The artworks exhibited include a range of formats that are distributed in a variety of manners–some pieces surreptitiously placed in the environment, others actively seeking an audience, whether ethereal, physical, electronic, or performed.

BroadCast 2016, organized by Kim Abeles and Ken Marchionno for Keystone Gallery in Los Angeles, includes a large collection of artworks from a series of exhibitions curated by Abeles in the 1990s. This iteration of BroadCast includes over fifty artists, and takes into account advances in technology, including virtual solutions and social media, as well as recent tangible expressions.

The curators are also creating a data base of broadcasted art. The website will be accessible during the Keystone Gallery exhibition and will be ongoing.

Examples of BroadCast art in the exhibition include Karen Atkinson’s talking parking meters, Dana Fritz’s tagged tumbleweeds that are returned to the desert; and, Michael Yamamoto’s pogs and José Lozano’s paper-doll, Victorina (career woman, mother and masked wrestler) were distributed through kids. New media works include Dennis Keeley’s Facebook postings; Alan Hiroshi Nakagawa’s Ear Meal; the app, In Still Life 2001-2010, by John Baldessari; and, Elaine McMillion Sheldon. Artworks as interventions include Barbie Liberation Organization, Freewaves, and xtine Burrough’s On The Web.


Artist: Jody Zellen
Title: Art Swipe
Date: 2012

Physical Description: iOS App

Project Description: Art Swipe is a free iOS app loosely based on the Surrealist Exquisite Corpse parlor game. To create an Exquisite Corpse artists would write or draw on a folded sheet of paper and then pass that paper to the next participant for a further contribution. The result would be a collaborative artwork resulting in amazing connections that occured by happenstance.

Art Swipe was conceived of with the idea of making meaning from the juxtaposition of unrelated elements and was created to coincide with the exhibition “In Wonderland:The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and the United States” which was on view at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art from January 29 – May 6, 2012. The app contains more than 100 artworks from LACMA’s collection that are in the public domain and invites users to make their own Exquisite Corpses (three-part collages) by juxtaposing The LACMA images with a photograph taken with the phone’s
camera and/or with already saved on the device. The three-part collages can be also saved and shared.



Artist: Elaine McMillion Sheldon
Title: Hollow
Date: Launched on June 20, 2013 at

Physical Description: Online interactive documentary
Project Description: Hollow is an interactive documentary and community participatory project that examines the future of rural America through the eyes and voices of those living in McDowell County, W.Va. Hollow combines video portraits, data visualizations, photography, soundscapes, community-generated content and grassroots mapping to bring these stories to life through an online experience.

Elaine McMillion: Director and Producer
Jeff Soyk: Art Director/Designer and Architect
Tricia Fulks: Associate Producer and Researcher
Nathaniel Hansen: Project Manager and Producer
Robert Hall: Technical Director and Senior Developer
Russell Goldenberg: Interactive Developer
Sarah Ginsburg: Editor
Kerrin Sheldon: Editor
Billy Wirasnik: Sound designer
Lee Strauss: Music Composition



Artist: Sean Miller and Connie Hwang
Title: Art Museum Dust Collection: Aesthetic Dust Abstractions (Wearable Aesthetic Dust Buttons and Drink Coasters)
Date: 2002-2016

Physical Description: Individual images of dust microscopy taken from major museums around the world
Project Description: Collect dust from art museums worldwide. Become stylishly adorned with dust from the finest museum grounds. Compare, wear and celebrate the uncommon beauty of this misunderstood fine art product. Entropy offers collectors an endless supply of striking dust samples composed of tiny castaway pieces from selected institutions, decaying art, art audiences, artists, and arts administrators. Microscopy reveals the high aesthetic properties in art museum dust and its uncanny relationship to modernist abstraction. In addition to large scale photographs the Art Museum Dust Collection offers affordable buttons and drink coasters so audiences can wear the finest dust and protect their furniture with it.



Artist: Robert Hirsch
Title: Atomic Playing Cards
Date: 2005

Physical Description: Playing cards
Project Description: The cards present a compact, hand-held atomic history, from the early Greek thinker Democritus who is credited with proposing the “Atomic Theory of Matter” up through Robert Openheimer who headed the Manhattan Project that developed the first atomic bombs plus examples of atomic tests and images from popular culture.



Artist: Dana Fritz
Title: Project Amaranthus albus
Date: Fall 1993 – Spring 1994

Physical Description: 100 tumbleweeds with 100 aluminum tags; canvas protective suit for collecting; wood and metal Fieldcase containing 100 glass bottles with specimen clippings; Specimen Identification Guide, Collection Site Log, Procedural Manual (handmade books); Tumbleseedpacks.
Project Description: 100 tumbleweeds were collected, tagged photographed, displayed and released to continue tumbling. They were collected from all over the state of Arizona, stored and displayed in Phoenix and distributed in the dry bed of the Salt River in Tempe.



Artists: Anne Bray and Freewaves with April Bey, boy child, Cassils, AudreyChan/Elana Mann, Roya Falahi, Alexandra Grant, Micol Hebron, Thinh Nguyen, and Shizu Saldamando
Title: Dis…Miss
Date: 2016-18
Physical Description: 9 postcards

Project Description: Freewaves is discovering which of the images people select from our human postcard rack and performance artists’ offerings, or forward online. The public is welcome to mail, hand out or keep these free, highly tactile postcards in exchange for their responses to the images and messages, collected online and at our public events.

Dis…Miss is a public art series of visual, media and performance arts events throughout Los Angeles and on the Internet. Over the next 2 years, Dis…Miss is exploring current gendered images and messages, reformatted as postcards and social media, focusing on intersectional feminist images, elucidating and positing solutions to gender inequalities and stereotypes. Works by 20 outstanding L.A. visual artists are creating dialogues, addressing various publics and engaging people in person and online.

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