A MAS Attack: The End Is Just The Beginning

Final MAS Attack at the Torrance Art Museum. Photo Credit Kristine Schomaker
Final MAS Attack at the Torrance Art Museum. Photo Credit Kristine Schomaker

A MAS Attack: The End Is Just The Beginning

By Jacqueline Bell Johnson


The final MAS Attack exhibition, MAS 13 happened last Saturday at the Torrance Art Museum (TAM) where scores of artists made an appearance to bid farewell and to celebrate what makes these shows great. MAS stands for Mutual Appreciation Society, and the attack refers to the pop-up, salon-style nature of these shows. Each show starts with Kio Griffith, Max Presneill, and Colton Stenke (also known as Artra Curatorial) putting a call for artists on Facebook. Artists respond with nominations of themselves or other artists that they think should be included. Using Facebook as a platform creates a long list of artists, but that is the idea. Size is the only restriction on what can be shown, resulting in a show that includes every media and combination thereof.


The space was crowded; something to be expected when there are 300 artists participating (attendance by those participating is mandatory). Plus there were plenty of friends, locals, art lovers, and other artists in attendance. As participants arrived, they received two name tag stickers, one for their artwork on the wall and one to wear. The first challenge of the night was for the artist to locate their work (already installed on the wall) among 300 other pieces behind a sea of people. The second challenge was to find and “say hi” to everyone you know. That was a challenge as the Facebook instructions for the opening promptly told everyone to dress for a fun funeral. That can only mean costumes, right?

The vibrant and positive energy of TAM filled the packed museum. People reuniting like long lost family, smiles, nods, and big hugs were exchanged everywhere. Lots of pointing fingers could be seen, proudly showing off artwork or admiring another’s. The DJ was playing outside in the patio along with a cash bar. It really IS one big party.



You can never predict what the work would be like at one of these events, but that’s the beauty of it. The format of MAS Attack means there is no aesthetic, or more correctly no one aesthetic. There is something to be enjoyed by everyone, but it’s even much more than that. It is an example of a tiny little slice of what is happening in the SoCal art scene, the breadth and depth of it. This show allows artists to feel validated by offering them a platform to assert their work as worthy to hang on the walls of a museum. Artists in all points in their careers, and levels of notoriety are equally exhibited, their artwork placed on the wall salon style. There is no discernable hierarchy.

There have been a baker’s dozen of MAS Attacks shows, some in other cities in the west and throughout Los Angeles since 2013. So many artists have been involved in one way or another, playing six degrees could lead you all the way to Kevin Bacon. (Well, at least Roland Reiss and Shirley Tse. Roland was in this final MAS Attack, and Shirley exhibited at TAM in 2014 in the show Another Thing Coming).

MAS Attack has standardized the practice of artists creating opportunities for themselves and for other artists, which is the most important part of its legacy. These shows will be missed for the parties, the community, and the opportunity. It is our charge now to continue what they started by creating our own opportunities. R. I. P. MAS Attack. You will live on spirit.
MAS 13 The Final MAS Attack, November 12, 2016 5-9pm



Torrance Art Museum
3320 Civic Center Drive
Torrance, CA 90503

Artra Curatorial (Max Presneill, Colton Stenke, Kio Griffith)


Final MAS Attack at the Torrance Art Museum. Photo Credit Kristine Schomaker
Final MAS Attack at the Torrance Art Museum. Photo Credit Kristine Schomaker


A list of Artists that Particpated:
Aaron Giesel, Alanna Marcelletti, Albert Lopez Jr, Alec Dawson, Alessandor Rachael, Aline Mare, Alison Woods, Ally Bortolazzo, Amanda Mears, Amy Fox, Andrea Bersaglieri, Andrew Foster, Anise Stevens, Ann Diener, Ann Phong, Ann Weber, Anna Leighton, Annie Clavel, Annie Seaton, Antoine Guilbaud, April Bey, Arezoo Bharthania, Ashley Bravin, Becca Shewmake, Ben Jackal, Ben Zask, Betsy Enzensberger, Bibi Davidson, Bill Brewer, Bob Branaman, Brian Thomas Jones, Bryan Ida, Cameron McIntyre, Campbell Laird, Carl Shubs, Carla Danes, Carolle-Shelley Abrams, Catherine Kimball Davis, Catherine Ruane, Cathleen Abalos, Cathy Lightfoot, Cathy Weiss, Chenhung Chen, Cherie Benner Davis, Chris Barnickel, Chris Danes, Chris McBurnley, Chris Mercier, Chris Pate, Chris Shelby, Christina Shurts, Christopher Chinn, Cia Foreman, Cindy Jackson, Claudia Morales McCain, Cole James, Colin Cook, Colton Stenke, Conchi Sanford, Corrie Gregory, Cory Sewelson, Crystal Fischetti, Curtis Stage, Cynthia Lujan, Cynthia Minet, Dakota Noot, Dan Callis, Dani Dodge, Daniel Leighton, Daniela Campins, David D’Andrade, David DiMichele, David French, David Glickman, David Leapman, David Michael Lee, David Spanbock, Dawn Arrowsmith, Dawn Quinones, Debby & Larry Kline, Debe Arlook, Denise Kraemer, Dia Bassett, Diane Nebolon Silver, Diane Pirie Cockerill, Diane Williams, Diego Gutierrez Monterrubio, Dosshaus, Doug Wichert, Douglas Alvarez, Dwora Fried, Ed Gomez, Elena Johnson, Elizabeth Dorbad, Elizabeth Folk, Elizabeth Medina, Elizabeth Stringer, Elizabeth Valdez, Ellen Dieter, Ellen Riingen, Emily Maddigan, Eva Hyam, Faina Kumpan, Farzan Sabet, Feng Ling, Francisco Alvarado, Frederika Roeder, Gabriel Garcia, Gary Brewer, Gavin Bunner, Gay Summer Sadow Rick, George Garcia, George Joaquim, Georgette Buckley, Gloria Plascencia, Grant Redwine, Greg Rose, Greg Schenk, Gretchen Batcheller, Gretchen Rollins, Gul Cagin, Hagop Najarian, Helen Chung, Holly Jerger, Hung Viet Nguyen, Isabel Rojas-Williams, Ismael de Anda III, Jacqueline (Jackie) Bell Johnson, James Galindo, James Goodwin, Jane Liu, Jane Szabo, Jason Ramos, Jeanne Dunn, Jennifer Gunlock, Jenny Hager, Jerrin Wagstaff, Jesse Standlea, Jessica Bley, Jessica Newman, Jill Sykes, Jodi Bonassi, Joe O’Neill, Joe Wolek, Joel Robert-Elton Woodard, John Geary, John Sollom, Jon Flack, Jon Measures, Jonathan Ryan, Jorge Mujica, Josephine Lipuma, Josh Hagler, Josh Velasquez, Juan Gomez, Julie Orr, Justin Smith, Karrie Ross, Kate Sikorski, Kathi Flood, Katie Kirk, Kathleen Kane-Murrell, Kathleen Melian, Katya Usvitsky, Keariene Muizz, Kenny McBride, Kerry Kugelman, Khang Bao Nguyen, Kim Garcia, Kim Kei, Kimber Berry, Kimberly Hahn, Kimberly Rowe, Kio Griffith, Kristine Schomaker, Krista Dawn, Krista Marlene, Kristin Frost, Kristine Augustyn, L Aviva Diamond, Lara Jo Regan, Larry Gipe, Laura Catherine Soto, Laurel Paley, Laval Campbell, Leah C Dixon, Leland Paxton, Lena Moross, Lena Wolek, Leslie Doyle, Lexi Aquilina, Lidia Shadow, Linda Sue Price, Linsey Gosper, Lisa Hoffner, Lisa Pederson, Loren Philip, Lori Pond, Lorraine Heitzman, Luigia Gio Martelloni, Luke Van Hook, Lynn E Coleman, Maja Ruznic, Malka Nedivi, Manny Karkowski, Marjan Hormozi, Mark Dutcher, Marlene Picard, Martin Durazo, Matthew Owen Driggs, Matthew Sweesy, Maurya Coleman, Max Presneill, Mayen Alcentara, Megan Frances Abrahams, Mei Xian Qui, Mela Marsh, Melissa Walter, Michael Bizon, Michael Chock, Michael Falzone, Michael Giancristiano, Michael McCall, Michael Neumann, Michele Castagnetti, Michele Wood Page, Mike McCarthy, Mike McLain, Mike Mollett, Mike Street, Mike Vegas, Monica Wyatt, Nadege Monchera Baer, Naira Hart, Nancy Buchanan, Nano Rubio, Narsiso Martinez, Natasha June Dee, Natasha Shoro, Nick Agid, Nick Ives, Nick Mansfield, Nikki Lewis, Noel Madrid, Nurit Avesar, Omar Gallegos, Pat Gainor, Patricia Mitchell, Patrick Rees, Peggy Sivert Zask, Perry Marks, Peta Orbach, Phil Amrhein, Phillip Griswold, Rachel Kastor, Rachel Stiff, Ray Beldner, Rema Ghuloum, Renee Tanner, Ric Heitzman, Richard Gilles, RJ Ward, Robert Miller, Robert Soffian, Rod Baer, Roland Reiss, Ron Linden, Ron Therrio, Ronald Price, Roni Feldman, Rouzanna Berberian, Samuelle Richardson, Sandy Abrams, Sant Khalsa, Sarah Tell, Sarajo Frieden, Scott Teson, Scott Trimble, Sean Michael Gallagher, Sean Noyce, Sergio Teran, Seth Lower, Sharon Bell, Sharon Suhovy, Shell Silverio, Shelley Heffler, Shingo Francis, Shiri Mordechay, Sijia Chen, Siobhan McClure, Snezana Saraswati Petrovic, Sonja Schenk, Sophia Tise, Sovanchanreaksmeay Sorn, Stacie Jaye, Steph Sydney, Stephanie Meredith, Stephanie Sherwood, Stephen Rowe, Steve Seleska, Steven Fujimoto, Steven Seemayer, Steven Wolkoff, Sune Woods, Susan Feldman Tucker, Susan Kurland, Susan Lizotte, Susan Poms Amorde, Suzanne Budd, Suzanne Fontaine, Tania Jazz Alverez, Tanya Batura, Tanya Haden, Terri Berman, Terry Lenihan, Theodore Svenningsen, Todd Carpenter, Tom Dunn, Tom Lasley, Tom Savage, Tony Pinto, Tracey Weiss, Trina Turturic, Trine Churchill, Ty Pownall, Tyler Waxman, Valerie Wilcox, Veda B Kaya, Virginia Katz, Wakana Kimura, Wini Brewer, Yoko Kanayama, Yokoyama Miki, Yoshimi Hayashi, Yvette Gellis, Zachry Horn, Zeina Baltagi

Final MAS Attack at the Torrance Art Museum. Photo Credit Jacqueline Bell Johnson
Final MAS Attack at the Torrance Art Museum. Photo Credit Jacqueline Bell Johnson

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