In the Artist’s Studio – Photo Essay

In the Artist’s Studio – A Photo Essay


I always prefer to work in the studio. It isolates people from their environment. They become in a sense… symbolic of themselves. ~Richard Avedon


Andrew K. Currey


Aileen Imperatrice


Aline Mare


Alison Woods


Andrea Bersaglieri


Ann Phong


Barry Gordon


Beatrice Wolert


Bibi Davidson


Bryan Ida


Catherine Ruane


Cathy Immordino


Chenhung Chen


Clara Berta


Dani Dodge


Daphne Hill and Anna Stump


David Isakson


David Spanbock


Diane Williams


Dwora Fried


Emily Wiseman


Geoffrey Levitt


Georgia A. Love


Glenn Waggner


Gwen Freeman


Hagop Najarian
IG @hagopnajarian


Jacqueline van der Venne


Jane Szabo


Jason Hadley


Jeanne Dunn


Jeff Iorillo


Jennifer Susan Jones


JJ L’Heureux


Karrie Ross


Kathi Flood


Kristine Schomaker


Lauren MendelsohnBass


Linda Sue Price


Mardi de Veuve Alexis


Marsha Perloff/Salvage Art Sweetheart


Martin Cox


Mary Milelzcik


MB. Boissonnault


Michael Chomick


Mohan Sundaresan


Nicole Filiatrault


Nurit Avesar




Patrick Quinn


Qais Al-Sindy


Randi Matushevitz


Rick Dallago


Robert Soffian


Scott Froschauer


Shelley Heffler


Shula Singer Arbel


Sijia Chen


Susan Amorde


Tony Pinto


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