Uncharted Territory: The Work of Steve Seleska at ARK Gallery

Steve Seleska. Uncharted Territory. ARK Gallery. Photo Credit Patrick Quinn.


Uncharted Territory: The Work of Steve Seleska at ARK Gallery

By Patrick Quinn



Altadena is one of those small communities scattered along the 210 freeway that seems trapped in time.  Perhaps being so close to what’s left of Route 66 has something to do with it.  The city’s biggest claim to fame is Christmas Tree Lane.  But that yearly display of holiday décor isn’t the only reason to visit Altadena.

For lovers of intriguing art and equally intriguing music, there is also the ARK Gallery.

ARK is a gallery and artist’s studio facility operated by artist Kira Vollman.  The unique space also has the ability to become a live music venue.  Gallery openings usually coincide with concerts featuring Vollman and other musicians.  The most recent event featured a solo show of work by artist Steve Seleska.

Uncharted Territory featured work from two different series.  The Landescapism pieces play with perspective and texture and seem to offer us a view of the world as seen from an insect’s point of view.  Each piece is either all white or all black.  There is no color in these landscapes.

The Micro-Environment works take the audience into an even deeper inner view.  These large canvases bring to mind giant slides seen under a microscope.  The amoebas and blood cells of High-School Science class reimagined on a 4’ x 4’ canvas.   This sense of science coexisting with art is confirmed in the show’s artist statement.

Uncharted Territory is a study of microscopic environments and fantasy landscapes, Seleska’s work prompts the viewer to consider what is happening in the world on a molecular level that affects our existence. Indicative of the national climate that produced March for Science rallies in 600+ cities worldwide, “Uncharted Territory” speaks to the unprecedented rallying cry to protect present facts, what we can discover as truths, and the lifespans of our natural landscapes.”

The exhibit ran from June 3rd through June 30th.  For more information on Steve Seleska and to sign up for information on future shows, visit- http://www.steveseleska.com/

ARK Gallery is located at 2599 Fair Oaks Avenue, Altadena CA 91001

For more information and to sign up for future gallery openings and concerts, visit- http://www.ark-arts.com/

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