In the Artist’s Studio – A Photo Essay, Part 2

In the Artist’s Studio – A Photo Essay, Part 2


Sister Corita Kent’s Rule #1 “Find a place you trust and then try trusting it for a while”



Peggy Sivert Zask


Ben Zask


Melissa Vogley Woods


Tracey Weiss


Cathy Weiss


Sandra Vista


Edwin Vasquez


Terry Tripp


Barbara Strasen


Sarah Stone


Angelica Sotirou


Preston Smith


Kerrie Smith


Jacqui C Smith


William Sandell


Heath Satow


Paul Seftel


Lorraine Serena


Sharon O’Callaghan Shero


Tomoaki Shibata


Carl Shubs


Forouzan Safari


David Roy


Ana Vizcarra Rankin


Serena Potter


Jennifer Deppe Parker


Janet Morgan


Adorable Monique


Ted Meyer


Brenda Matea


Roberta Masciarelli


Michael Malizia


Gina M


Heather Lowe


Susan Lizotte


Jennifer Gunlock


Elizabeth Holmes


Virginia Katz


Debby and Larry Kline


Stuart Kusher


Barbara Laube


Joyce Lieberman


Eleanor Greer


Valerie Greene


Susan Foss


Joseph Dunn


Bill Dambrova


Geneva Costa


Joelle Cooperider


Jett Bailey


Sharon Louise Barnes


Jodi Bonassi


Eric Champagne


Annie Clavel


Kayla Cloonan


Raphaele Cohen-Bacry


Amanda Maciel Antunes


Stephen Anderson


Susan Amorde


Olga Alexander


If you missed our first artist studio photo essay, you can view it here.


  1. We agree. we love seeing all of the studios. The artist studio is the sacred, sanctuary where the magic happens. Thank you to all who participated! We will have a new call out in the next month or two for part 3. Looking forward to seeing more studios in the future!!

  2. FANTASTIC! Loved seeing so many different studios. So much creativity out there.

    Laura Larson

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