RHEBIS: A Robert Walker Retrospective at Jason Vass

By Kristine (1)
RHEBIS, Robert Walker Retrospective at Jason Vass Gallery; Photo Credit Kristine Schomaker

RHEBIS: A Robert Walker Retrospective

through February 17
Jason Vass Gallery, Los Angeles

By Patrick Quinn
There is quite a lot to like in the Robert Walker retrospective currently showing at the Jason Vass Gallery. Though “RHEBIS”  is called a retrospective, most of the work was done in the last fifteen years. Created in a variety of media, the work is unified by the artist’s intoxicating use of color. Even black and white pieces manage to be colorful, whether they’re done with ink, acrylic & resin on wood such as with Phnom Penh Suite #11, or using mixed media such as in Tweedledum. On first viewing, Daphlux is so alive in its use of black, white and red, it seems to breath

There are a lot of adjectives one could use for a quick description of the artist’s work: animated, playful, expansive, vivid, even psychedelic. One flashback these pieces do conjure up is the old NBC logo with the multi-hued peacock. Works like E-buse, Keylogger, and Safeweb are certainly “broadcast in living color”.

Reflecting the artist’s long interest in meditation is the calming Bhudda Chair #14. In contrast is the textured starburst of Phnom Penh Suite #7 or the organized chaos of Vertnig and Moodette.

Robert Walker was born in Los Angeles and continues to live and work in L.A. He has a long history of social activism in the local artist community. In 1986, he pioneered a program for artists with Aids and HIV. That sort of passion and commitment is apparent in his work.

RHEBIS runs through February 17 and is well worth seeing.

Jason Vass Gallery
1452 E. Sixth Street, Los Angeles, CA


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