Art and About: Selected Art Events Outside of L.A., Orange County

Art and About: Selected Art Events Outside of L.A.

What to See in OC
Compiled by Evan Senn

Hibbleton Art Gallery, Fullerton
Through February 28, 2018.
La Gente de la Ciudad
“La Gente de la Ciudad” featuring visual artwork by Priscilla Moreno and video art by Evan Schiefeilbine. “La Gente de la Ciudad” is a show that observes the unspoken everyday moments between people in a 1960s pop art-meets-cartoonist style that incorporates street art, recycled art and poetic observations into a vibrant, romanticized and contemporary glance at everyday life and everyday people.

Priscilla Moreno and Evan Schiefeilbine, La Gente de la Ciudad , Hibbleton Art Gallery; poster courtesy of the gallery
Priscilla Moreno and Evan Schiefeilbine, La Gente de la Ciudad , Hibbleton Art Gallery; poster courtesy of the gallery

March 2 – March 30, 2018.
Chaos & Order
“Chaos & Order” curated by Joseph Baca is a group show that explores the visual reconciliation of balance and opposition in the human experience on this planet. With artists Andrea Patrie, Audrey Higa, Brianna Meli, Janan Abdelmuti, Janelle Howerton, Kadie DiCarlo, Katrina Rocha, Lisa Trimm and Rae Finlayson this show will reveal opposing conceptual truths from a variety of perspectives.

Fullerton College Art Gallery, Fullerton
March 8 – April 9, 2018
Artist in Residence 2018: Lisa Congdon
“Artist in Residence 2018: Lisa Congdon” is an exhibition featuring the work of the recent Fullerton College artist-in-resident, Lisa Congdon who is best known for her colorful paintings, hand lettering and illustrations.

Lisa Congdon, Fullerton College Art Gallery; image courtesy of the gallery
Lisa Congdon, Fullerton College Art Gallery; image courtesy of the gallery

City of Brea Art Gallery, Brea
Through March 25, 2018
4th Annual MFA Biennial
“4th Annual MFA Biennial” is a contemporary art exhibition featuring a selection of artwork from local university Masters of Fine Arts students. In painting, installation, photography, drawing and sculpture, this show highlights some of the most innovative and compelling up-and-coming artists in the area, chosen by the curators at the City of Brea Art Gallery. Schools such as California State Universities Fullerton, Long Beach, and Northridge, as well as Claremont Graduate University and Otis College of Art and Design will be represented.

April 21 – June 15, 2018
Made in California
“Made in California” is an annual juried exhibition at City of Brea Art Gallery that showcases a selection of talented artists at a variety of stages in their careers and artwork from all over the state of California. There are cash prizes as well as a solo exhibition prize opportunity for winners of this juried exhibit.

Muckenthaler Cultural Center, Fullerton
Through April 8, 2018
H2OMG! Watercolor Gone Wild
“H2OMG! Watercolor Gone Wild” features a selection of watercolor works by artists who have innovative and experimental techniques as well as styles in this very traditional medium.

Cathy Jean Clark, "Divine Interventions", H2OMG! Watercolor Gone Wild, Muckenthaler Cultural Center; Image courtesy of the gallery
Cathy Jean Clark, “Divine Interventions”, H2OMG! Watercolor Gone Wild, Muckenthaler Cultural Center; Image courtesy of the gallery

April 22 – June 10, 2018
“AIR, WATER, and EARTH” will highlight art from the L.A. Printmaking Society by prominent Los Angeles artist Kim Abeles, who is known for her own exceptional interdisciplinary work with environmental, personal and political themes.

Fullerton Museum Center, Fullerton
Through April 29, 2018
“Electricity” is an exhibition sponsored by the Franklin Institute that brings science and the history of electricity to life with interactive activities and interesting art that touches on or deals with the theme of electricity.

Hilbert Museum of California Art, Orange
Through March 31, 2018
50/50: California Art in Transition, 1940-1970
“50/50: California Art in Transition, 1940-1970” is an exhibition curated by Glen Knowles that examines the styles of art and art techniques from Europe and around the world that flooded into California during the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s, bringing new ideas of modernism, abstraction, and altered traditional styles of art-making. It shows how an exhibition of the time, presented by a California gallery or art school, would have looked.

Through March 31, 2018
MAKING WAVES: Rick Griffin, John Severson and California Surf Art
“MAKING WAVES: Rick Griffin, John Severson and California Surf Art” examines these two well-known artists who contributed to the surf culture and artistic history in California. The exhibition includes iconic works by these artists as well as a collection of surf ephemera, zines and posters.

Hilbert Museum John Severson
John Severson, MAKING WAVES: Rick Griffin, John Severson and California Surf Art, Hilbert Museum of California Art; Image courtesy of the gallery


Through March 31, 2018
“CALIFORNIA MASTERS: BRADFORD J. SALAMON” is a smaller exhibition that highlights some of the best work from the Los Angeles artist, Bradford J. Salamon’s portfolio, all owned by the Hilbert Museum. This exhibition focuses on his monumental “portraits” of vintage objects, food and favorite nostalgia, like the Star Wars robot C-3PO.

Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana
Through April 15, 2018.
Yasmine Kasem: Mwasah
“Yasmine Kasem: Mwasah” is a solo exhibition of artist Yasmine Kasem that focuses on the subject of grief through the lens of Islamic funerary traditions, using new materials and new conceptual territory. Kasem is exploring the ways that her Egyptian heritage and its traditional value system intersect with her American Midwestern upbringing and form her personal identity as a contemporary Muslim woman.

March 3 – May 15, 2018
“Regionalia” is an exhibition by Cog•nate Collective that dives into what it means to be a citizen and how transnational communities are exploring cultural identity as a whole. The artists in this collective (Amy Sanchez and Misael Diaz) have been working for four years in collaborations and community outreach events and expressions of cultural identity and transnational acceptance, and “Regionalia” exists as a kind of visual representation of that experience.

March 3 – May 15, 2018

“Exchange” is an exhibition where artists Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry explore interracial relationships through their bodies in personal and composed narrative where they exchange blood through IVs, forcing the viewer to confront both the physical similarities between the bodies of the artists—they are the same, but also the individuals choices to accept the blood from one another, suggesting larger implications for society. The work is visually stunning and emotionally evocative.

Exchange, Grand Central Art Center; Image courtesy of the gallery
Exchange, Grand Central Art Center; Image courtesy of the gallery

Basement Projects, Santa Ana
Through February 24, 2018.
The Trashcan School
“The Trashcan School” is an exhibition curated by artist Vonn Sumner, and takes the theme of the common trashcan as both a symbolic icon and a concrete object, presenting fine art based on the lowliest of subject matter. Each invited artist was asked to make something incorporating/responding to the theme of a trashcan. The results are diverse and engaging and often humorous. Artists included are: Wayne Thiebaud, Randall Cabe, Gabriella Castillo, Averi Endow, Wally Hedrick, Mike Henderson, Jessie Henson, Laura Hipke, Jean Lowe, Kim MacConnel, Robin McCauley, Christian Ramirez, Gloria Rivera, Richard Sumner, John Scane, Wayne Thiebaud, Kimberly Trowbridge, Jason Umfress, Fritz Welch and LG Williams.

March 3 – March 31, 2018
Lissa Corona, Jennifer Remnecik and Delbar Shahbaz
“Lissa Corona, Jennifer Remnecik and Delbar Shahbaz” is a three-person exhibition that is exploring power dynamics in relationships in the wake of the #metoo movement. With video work by Lissa Corona and Jennifer Remnecik as well as drawings and sculpture by Delbar Shahbaz, this mixed media exhibition give a personal yet universal perspective of the varied dichotomies between people in relationships.

April 7 – April 28, 2018
Tres Veritates
“Tres Veritates” is an exhibition that explores the personality spirituality of three artists and the relationship with their art practices. Pamela Martinez, Anthony Pessler and Henry Schoebel approach the spirituality with very different styles and symbolism but all touch on the local religious beliefs in their own interpretation of what it means to each of them.

Gallery 6/67, Santa Ana
Through May 15, 2018
People’s Trauma Showings Daily
“People’s Trauma Showings Daily” showcases the work of Shasha Dothan and Gerald Sheffield, two fascinating up-and-coming artists who approach the trauma of living in the current U.S. climate, and what citizenship means when your history is laden with trauma and diverse experiences, and in some cases in spite of military service to the country. Their works prompt viewers to reflect and discuss how we all live with a form of PTSD imposed by the layers of our own personal histories.

OCCCA, Santa Ana
Through March 10, 2018
Music for Your Eyes
“Music for Your Eyes” is an exhibition that explores artistic expressions inspired by music. Juried by renowned art critic Peter Frank, the wide variety of expressions and interpretations of music through art cross boundaries, materials and styles.

April 3 – April 28, 2018
Soul Element
“Soul Element” is a three-person exhibition that explores the abstract nature of meditation and exploration through a painterly, photographic, and mixed-media lens. All three artists experiment with the surreal and explore their own personal journeys through art in ways that converse with one another on many levels.

Salt Fine Art, Laguna Beach
April 5 – May 31, 2018
1010 / Johan Barrios / Greg Price
-“1010 / Johan Barrios / Greg Price” features two very different artists working in compelling and evocative ways. Each artist creates artwork that bends reality in some form or another, or at least how we perceive reality. Glass artist Greg Price and painter Johan Barrios are both imaginative and inspiring artists who make people dream with their creations.

Johan Barrios, 1010 / Johan Barrios / Greg Price, Salt Fine Art; Image courtesy of the gallery
Johan Barrios, 1010 / Johan Barrios / Greg Price, Salt Fine Art; Image courtesy of the gallery

Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach
February 25 – May 28, 2018
Tony DeLap: A Retrospective
Tony DeLap: A Retrospective” is a retrospective exhibition of one of OC’s foremost living artists, and will include some of his most monumental abstract works, as well as an accompanying survey catalog book that covers his lifelong career, influence and contributions to the global discourse on art.

LCAD Gallery, Laguna Beach
In Search of the Real II
“In Search of the Real II” is the LCAD faculty fine arts exhibition which highlights some of the most renowned figurative artists in the world. Drawings, paintings and sculptures representing contemporary views on the human figure, landscape and still lifes, this exhibition is full of imaginative and masterful works by contemporary artists who are actively contributing to our artistic discourse with future generations.

Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach
Through February 25, 2018
“SHI ZHIYING” is a solo exhibition for Shanghai-based Shi Zhiying that touches on the relationship between Buddhism, the natural world, and her personal practice of art-making. One of the biggest new artists from China, her work draws on water, Zen, art history and the personal journey to identity.

SHI ZHIYING, Orange County Museum of Art ; Image courtesy of the gallery
SHI ZHIYING, Orange County Museum of Art; Image courtesy of the gallery

Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine
Through March 10, 2018
“LAND” explores our human connection to our natural earthly surroundings. With multidisciplinary works by Jennifer Celio, Kiyomi Fukui, Virginia Katz, Michael Nannery, Chris Natrop, Christine Nguyen and Christine Weir, this exhibit reaches far beyond our physical placement on this planet but dives deep into the emotional, and conceptual attachment we have with our land.

Huntington Beach Art Center, Huntington Beach
May 5 – July 14, 2018
Color Vision
“Color Vision” brings together scientifically and culturally engaging facts about how humans perceive and utilize color, featuring a group of contemporary visual artists that use color not only as a medium but as an element of their message. Artists include Tony DeLap, Tom Dowling, Bret Price, Radiant Human, Caesar Alzate Jr., and more.

Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion,  Costa Mesa
Through April 7, 2018
Jim DeFrance: A Retrospective
“Jim DeFrance: A Retrospective” is a retrospective exhibition featuring nearly 50 years of compelling abstract paintings by historic L.A. painter Jim DeFrance. With pieces from his slot paintings series, his shaped-object paintings series and at least one large piece of functional art, this exhibition is a look back on important work from California’s greater art history.

Through April 7, 2018
Helix2: Sculptures by Eric Johnson
“Helix2: Sculptures by Eric Johnson” is a selection of monumental works by second-generation Finish Fetish artist Eric Johnson that evokes the historic elements from the 1960s California aesthetic with futuristic and unique components that inspire engagement, scientific curiosity and whimsy.

Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach
February 23 – May 13, 2018
Cartomancy: The Seni Horoscope Re-Imagined by Shay Bredimus
“Cartomancy: The Seni Horoscope Re-Imagined by Shay Bredimus” is an exhibition that tackles the visual history of tarot with a base in the German Seni Horoscopes from the 17th century. Artist Shay Bredimus has re-imagined this fortune-telling card system with a visual mixture of pictographs and portraits made in his signature style of tattoo ink paintings on drafting film, leaving a haunting and timeless imprint on viewers.

Pomona College Museum of Art, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont
Through May 13, 2018
Muse: Mickalene Thomas Photographs
“Muse: Mickalene Thomas Photographs” is an exhibition organized in part by the Aperture Foundation in New York and touches on the themes of beauty, appropriation and community. These photos include a collection of muses that includes herself, her mother, her friends and lovers, emphasizing the communal and social aspects of art-making that pervade her work.

University of California, Riverside ARTSblock, Riverside
Through March 18, 2018
Mundos Alternos: Art and Science Fiction in the Americas
“Mundos Alternos: Art and Science Fiction in the Americas” is a fascinating exhibition that brings a large number of artists from all over the Americas who have tapped into science fiction’s imagination and the utopian vs dystopian perspectives. Many of the world-renowned artists in this exhibition use the imagery of science fiction to suggest varied modes of existence and represent diverse “alienation” in our world.

February 24 – May 6, 2018
Fictive Kin: Sarah Conaway, Annette Kelm, Kim Schoen
“Fictive Kin: Sarah Conaway, Annette Kelm, Kim Schoen” is a three-person exhibition that focuses on staged photographic tableaux and on the cultivation of different perspectives when dealing with representation of reality—constructed or imagined.

Riverside Art Museum, Riverside
Through May 27, 2018
Wendy Maruyama: E.O. 9066
“Wendy Maruyama: E.O. 9066” explores the impact President Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066 had on her family and Japanese-Americans. The work incorporates haunting and curious objects and compelling imagery that depict the harsh realities of the imprisonment of approximately 120,000 Japanese-Americans and resident aliens from Japan during WWII.

Through December 30, 2018
Jaime Guerrero | Contemporary Relics: A Tribute to the Makers
“Jaime Guerrero | Contemporary Relics: A Tribute to the Makers” is an exhibition that interprets early Mesoamerican life and art in a contemporary way, offering a physical understanding of the craftsmen and cultures of the Olmec, Nayarit, Chupicuaro and Tlatilco.

Wendy Maruyama, Riverside Art Museum; Image courtesy of the gallery
Wendy Maruyama, Riverside Art Museum; Image courtesy of the gallery

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