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Art and Cake’s weekly art calendar has changed. Facebook was getting too tedious trying to cull through so many events each day with their new feature of adding many days to an event. We have decided to post only that weeks events and add more in depth information to help you decide where to go each week.

Enjoy and as always thank you for your continued support!!

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This weeks Lineup contributed by Dani Dodge

Tuesday, October 23rd

Roski Talk with Thomas Mueller
USC Roski School of Art and Design
October 23rd 6-8pm

Thomas Mueller is an artist living and working in Los Angeles, California. He was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and spent his childhood growing up in Africa, the United States and Europe. Living in such disparate locales and cultures has inevitably influenced his work, in particular as it relates to language, time, memory and space.

He went on to receive his BFA in Ceramics from the University of Washington in Seattle and did his graduate studies at the Cranbrook Academy of Art.

Since moving to Los Angeles he has maintained an active studio practice and exhibition schedule, showing locally, nationally and internationally, with recent solo shows in Los Angeles, Denver and Washington DC. He has lectured and been a visiting artist at Universities and Art Institutions around the country. Before coming to USC was teaching at the UCLA, CSU Northridge and Loyola Marymount University.


In Conversation: Bridget R. Cooks and jill moniz
California African American Museum
October 23rd 7-9pm

Hear Bridget R. Cooks, Associate Professor, Department of African American Studies and Department of Art History at University of California, Irvine, and independent curator jill moniz discuss how both Charles White and John Biggers have influenced Robert Pruitt and other artists. Presented in conjunction with the exhibition “Robert Pruitt: Devotion.”

Wednesday, October 24th


Human Resources for Art Workers
Women’s Center for Creative Work
October 24th 7-10pm

If you were sexually harassed by a fellow artist in your group exhibition, who would you report that to? If a curator was clearly tokenizing your identity and proceeded to enact several microaggressive gestures towards you, who would you report that to? If a gallerist has failed to pay you for the sale of your work in a reasonable amount of time, who would you report that to? Do you feel uncomfortable asking to be paid W.A.G.E. certified fees? Have you noticed certain art spaces creating hostile or predatory cultures towards women and/or people of color?

Human Resources for Art Workers (not to be confused with the art space) is an idea for a service-based art workers union. Our intention is to utilize tools such as restorative justice, mediation and conflict resolution, legal council, support groups, and mutual aid resources. This is a conversation, a working group, and a community building exercise. If you are interested in brainstorming, cultivating, and/or co-organizing for art workers rights, please joins us as we collectively begin to wade into these waters.

Thursday, October 25th


Experience 16: Empathy
The El Segundo Public Library and ESMoA invite visitors to connect with “living books
October 25, 2018 5-7:30pm (Also on Saturday)

The El Segundo Public Library and ESMoA invite visitors to connect with “living books” on Thursday, October 25 and Saturday, October 27, 2018. Experience 16: EMPATHY seeks to foster empathy and break down stereotypes, and sparks creativity through short 20-minute conversations with volunteers who have donated their time as “living books.”

ESMoA and El Segundo Public Library will host the event on two separate dates and times:
Thursday, October 25, 2018 from 5pm to 7:30pm at ESMoA & Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 1pm – 4pm at El Segundo Public Library.

A radical librarian, an artist, a Japanese American incarcerated during WWII, and a drag queen are among those who will be available for “check-out” during the two-day event.

Experience 16: EMPATHY has been modeled on The Human Library which premiered in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2000. The Human Library aims to address people’s prejudices by helping them to talk to those they would not normally meet. Since 2000, the project has been adopted by organizations both in Europe and the United States, including the Santa Monica Main Library in 2008.


The Other Art Fair, Santa Monica Barker Hangar

The Other Art Fair
Santa Monica Barker Hangar
Opening Thursday October 25th 6-10pm (Through Sunday)

The Other Art Fair was born from a realization of the disparity between an audience eager to discover the next big thing and talented artists struggling to gain recognition. Seven years on, the effects of the fair’s growing reputation are not only demonstrated through the support of leading individuals in the art world but also the frequency of success stories from past exhibitors.

We are delighted that so many of our artists have been successful within the traditional gallery system: as prestigious international galleries choose to represent our artists, these individuals emerge in the spotlight of the art world as the names of the future. In addition, the nature of the fair attracts artists with an entrepreneurial flair and long-term vision who recognise the value of the fair beyond artwork sales.


Discussion: Artist-Run Organizations
Built in Claremont: Professional Art Panels (CGU MFA Alumni Discussion Panel Series) at Durden and Ray
October 25th 630-9pm

Durden and Ray is a successful art collective and gallery space in the Bendix Building, a thriving artist community in the Fashion District. Durden and Ray was co-founded in 2009 by Max Presneill and Roni Feldman, after Feldman graduated from CGU, and is comprised of artists and curators who work together to create exhibition opportunities in LA and around the world, focused on tightly curated group shows. Durden and Ray has continued to have CGU MFA Alumni as members; current Alumni members are: Jorin Bossen (2012), Lana Duong (2015), Brian Thomas Jones (2012), Ty Pownall (2008), Curtis Stage (1999), Roni Feldman (2009) and Gul Cagin (2001)

Moderator: Habib Kheradyar (HK) Zamani; MFA 1988.
Zamani has over 20 years of experience leading an artist-run organization and space; PØST.

Roni Feldman; 2009. Co-Founder of Durden & Ray.

Ichiro Irie; 2001. Founder/Director of Jaus, Artist run gallery space since 2009.

Tessie Salcido-Whitmore; 2012. Co-founder/member of Manual History Machines, curatorial collective, since 2013.

Devon Tsuno; 2005. Founder of Concrete Walls in 2003.


Artist Talk: Robbie Conal with Shana Nys Dambrot
Track 16
October 25th 730pm

The Cabinet of Horrors is a series of satirical portraits of Donald Trump, members of his cabinet, and inner circle. The cast of characters depicted will include Trump himself, making an appearance in the Hammer and Pickle painting, a piece that has been printed and wheat pasted on utility boxes and walls from D.C. to DTLA.

Conal is one of the most cutting political commentators of our time. During many pivotal events of history, whether it be the Iran-Contra affair, the Lewinsky scandal, or Bush’s Iraq War, Conal expressed his dissent through spates of artworks that are printed and plastered across America, but no series has ever mushroomed so relentlessly as the Cabinet of Horrors.

Saturday, October 27th


Pamela Weir-Quiton Reception and artist walk-through Hosted By CSUN Alumni
Craft in America
8415 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, California 90048
October 27th 12-2pm

With more than fifty years of woodworking under her tool belt, Craft in America Center is pleased to present a retrospective of functional wood sculpture by artist Pamela Weir-Quiton, a bonafide Los Angeles treasure whose work defies categorization. The exhibition will feature approximately forty objects that reflect Weir-Quiton’s decades-long consideration of the concept of play, from stylized dolls to large scale circus animals for climbing and adult-sized animal rockers.

As a young art student at CSUN with a knack for fashion design, Weir-Quiton initially explored ceramics and photography but was soon drawn into the woodshop, where she immediately found her calling. Rather than sticking with the pack of her predominantly male classmates, Weir-Quiton decided to use laminated hardwoods to make her own mark by creating a dapper wooden Mod girl doll ala Mary Quant for her class project. Weir-Quiton immediately received media attention for her singular vision, virtuosity, and creative spirit as a student in 1965 and various commissions followed in suit. She was swooped up and featured in catalogs, lifestyle magazines and leading newspaper spreads for her sculptures. This began a lifelong pursuit of bringing fun, imagination and biting humor into her work, which has always been intended for the chicest kids of all ages, namely, grown-ups.


Art Talk & Reception with Arminée Chahbazian
Lois Lambert Gallery & Gallery of Functional Art
October 27th 1-3pm

Join artist Arminée Chahbazian (Yale MFA ’84) at the Lois Lambert Gallery in Santa Monica as she speaks about her latest series of works on paper. This is a unique and private opportunity to learn about the artists process in developing a visual narrative addressing issues related to our shifting environment. Her work has been described as exquisitely compelling, and certainly unique. This is an exclusive opportunity to see the art and meet the artist. Wine and cheese will be served. Co-hosted by Yale Blue Green Alumni Group. 20% of the artwork sold will be donated to the NRDC (Natural Resource Defense Council.

NRDC was founded in 1970 by a group of law students and attorneys at the forefront of the environmental movement. Today’s leadership team and board of trustees makes sure the organization continues to work to ensure the rights of all people to clean air, clean water, and healthy communities.


Farshad Farzankia: Welcome to America – Opening Reception
Richard Heller Gallery
October 27th 4-7pm

Exploring simple forms and colors, Farzankia’s work deals with what is vital in human life: childhood memories, cultural traditions, and family. His work poses questions about who is seen and why, and what objects hold meaning across borders (both physical and metaphorical). In his paintings, Farzankia stages scenes of daily life, inviting the viewer to experience them as a voyeur. His work includes icons of personal importance to build a lexicon of meaning through symbols: cameras reference the artist’s love of film and direction, shoes become understood as symbols of migration, and red tulips reference iconic posters from the artist’s early childhood in Tehran.

Farzankia’s paintings initially call attention to the artist’s graphic design credentials but the staying power and continuing interest comes from the subtleties in the line work and color layering that become apparent after extended viewing.


Betye Saar “Something Blue”
Holding Up /12 the Sky Organized by jill moniz, PhD
Roberts Projects
Opening October 27th 6-8pm

Roberts Projects is thrilled to present Something Blue, an exhibition of selected artworks by Betye Saar from 1983 to 2018. All of the works on view feature the color blue as a means to explore such concepts as magic, voodoo, and the occult. In her new assemblages dating from 2018, Saar revisits the holistic inclusion of various religious objects, totems, talismans and charms in the materiality and temporality of her work. This focus on the mystic shares space with her familiar motifs including derogatory black collectibles, outlines of her hand, and personal and familial objects.

Conceived as an exploration of the diverse media of contemporary sculpture in Los Angeles and made possible by in part Betye Saar’s revolutionary use of materials and expansion of intention, “Holding Up 1/2 the Sky” investigates how the dimensionality of sculpture lends itself to feminine thought, particularly as it manifests in the intersectionality of aesthetics, narrative and meaning. The exhibition brings together women artists whose abstract sculptures operate in call and response to Saar’s installation Something Blue, currently on view in the neighboring exhibitionary space.

Echiko Ohira, Karen Hampton, Mika Cho, Blue McRight, Kyungmi Shin, Victoria May, Chenhung Chen, Lisa Bartleson, Adrienne DeVine, Maria Larsson, Rebecca Niederlander, Cole James, Camilla Taylor and Alexis Slickelman employ wood, clay, wire, glass, sound, fabric, paper and other matter to delve into the ways which materiality and divine energies converge.


Transmission – MART at IrelandWeek 2018 | Opening
Santa Monica Art Studios
October 27th 6-9pm

MART Gallery & Studios Dublin curators Matthew Nevin & Deirdre Morrissey are delighted to present Transmission an exhibition featuring Irish Artists Sofie Loscher, Helen Mac Mahon & Robin Price in the Hangar Galleries, Santa Monica Art Studios Los Angeles as part of Ireland Week 2018. Within their work, the artists examine and reinvent light as a material, producing experimental methodologies to act as a mirror and analysis of the structure of our world.

Featuring Live Performances and readings from local artists & performers on the opening night; including Zeina Baltagii, Jenny Minniti- Shippey, Thinh Nguyen, Marc-Ivan O’Gorman, Rachel Rath, and Patrice Roth.

Transmission explores light as catalyst to investigate the risks in our everyday life. By creating dialogues which challenge conventional views, the exhibition aims to push preconceived expectations of how visibility works and is understood. The exhibition surveys the processes of how light moves through space, exploring both its and our expectations of its functions.


Public Opening, Calder: Nonspace
Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles
October 27th 6-9pm

Calder, one of the most influential and pioneering artists of the twentieth century, transformed the very nature of sculpture with his invention of the mobile, which introduced the fourth dimension of time and the actuality of real-time experience into his work. Known primarily for his invention of the mobile, Calder created a prolific oeuvre that extended to wire sculpture, carved figures, stabiles, standing mobiles, oil paintings, works on paper, jewelry, furniture and domestic objects, and monumental public commissions across the globe. This exhibition marks the first solo show in LA for the artist since the landmark 2013 LACMA exhibition ‘Calder and Abstraction: From Avant-Garde to Iconic.’


Public Opening, Julian Rosefeldt. Manifesto
Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles
October 27th 6-9pm

In ‘Manifesto’, actress Cate Blanchett assumes 13 different personas – from a factory worker to a television news anchor to a homeless man – performing various historical artists’ manifestos. The work pays homage to the long tradition and literary beauty of public statements made by artists, and serves to provoke reflection upon the role of the artist as an active citizen in society today.

‘Manifesto’ draws on the writings of Futurists, Dadaists, Fluxus artists, Suprematists, Situationists, Dogme 95, and other artist groups, and the musings of individual artists, architects, dancers, and filmmakers. As writer, producer, and director, Rosefeldt draws here upon the words and ideas of Claes Oldenburg, Yvonne Rainer, Kazimir Malevich, André Breton, Sturtevant, Sol LeWitt, Jim Jarmusch, and many others. This source material was often the result of youthful outrage, expressing not only the wish to change the world through art, but convey the mood and sensibility of a generation. Exploring the powerful urgency of these historical statements, ‘Manifesto’ invites us to ponder their enduring relevance and value.


Rubbed Smooth
Eastside International / ESXLA
October 27th 7-10pm

Eastside International is pleased to present Rubbed Smooth, an exhibition about the complete transformation of surface through repeated touch and exposure. Katherine Aungier, Jamie Felton, Stef Halmos, Chyrum Lambert, Maysha Mohamedi, and Maureen St. Vincent present painting and sculpture resulting from prolonged and sustained physical contact with materials. Their touch can be read as: soft, hard, safe, degrading, skilled, novice, comfort-enhancing, rough, easy, pensive, compulsive, and methodical. The textures present in the artwork – both physical and implied – offer a visceral invitation to engage beyond the confines of verbal language. In a world where people just don’t have time to sunbathe anymore, Rubbed Smooth is a visual environment that is fast and slow-absorbing over time.


Grand Park Presents Noche de Ofrenda in partnership with Self Help Graphics and Art & Lore Media and Art
October 27th 7-9pm

For the sixth year in a row, Grand Park partners with Self Help Graphics & Art and LORE Media & Arts to present a traditional “Noche de Ofrenda” (Night of Altars/Offerings) honoring the deceased on Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 7-9pm.

The event kicks off the official unveiling of Grand Park’s Día de los Muertos altars and art installations developed by local artists and community groups, curated by Self Help Graphics & Art. This year’s community ofrenda will be created by SHG Legacy Artist and National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellow, Ofelia Esparza! (Learn more about Día de los Muertos in her NEA interview:

The evening will include Los Angeles-based poets and musicians and feature traditional blessings led by the local indigenous community, as well as performances by traditional dancers representing Aztec, Oaxacan and Michoacán traditions.

Grandeza Mexicana Folk Ballet Company
Tierra Blanca Arts Center
Azteca Danza – Balam Mictlantecuhtli

Sunday, October 28th


Closing Reception: Tra(n)smundo
October 28th 2-4pm

Please join us at JAUS for the closing reception of the group exhibition “Tra(n)smundo” uniting works by three Mexican artists, Marcela Aliseda, Anibal Catalan and Fabiola Menchelli, and three local artists, Abdul Mazid, Anaeis Ohanian, and Luciano Perna. This projects showcases a divergent collection of works that explore hidden worlds (trasmundos) and other worlds (transmundos) through painting, sculpture, photography and collage.

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