In the Artist’s Studio – A Photo Essay, Part 5

“The object of the artist is the creation of the beautiful. What the beautiful is is another question.” ~James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Jaime Scholnick, Los Angeles,


Cynda Valle, Los Angeles,


S. P. Harper, Los Angeles,


Cole Case, Bendix Building Los Angeles,


Shula Singer Arbel, Los Angeles,


Michael Haight, Los Angeles,


Edyta Hul, Warsaw Poland,


Steve Dodd, Portsmouth, UK,


Sarah Svetlana, Pasadena,


Katya Kan, London,


Michael Mancari, Los Angeles,


Jen P. Harris, Los Angeles,


Victor & Diana Atkins, Pasadena, CA,



Lindsey A Schulz, Sebastopol CA,


Art and Cake wants to see your art studio!!

Deadline Ongoing

We are going to be doing a regular photo essay series on the artist studio and would love to include your photos. (They must be taken by YOU. And you can submit if you participated previously)

Send only ONE high resolution photo (larger than 1200pixels) to
Include your name, city and website.
Add “Artist Studio Photo Essay” in the subject Line.

We want a glimpse into your studio from your eyes. Where do you work? How do you work? This is your own studio, whether your kitchen, garage, established studio, etc.

No fee.
International (share with your friends)
Photos subject to approval.

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