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 Art Studio Photo Essay #2

by Kristine Schomaker

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Susan C Price
santa monica CA

Kayla Cloonan
Los Angeles CA

Laurel Sherrie
Arroyo Grande, CA

I’m working on a series of small palette knife paintings in oil of the Spring blooms in Carrizo Plain National Monument, which is a couple of hours away from me. I’ve been unable to get out on location due to recovering from a fractured hip (almost there) and cataract surgery. Despite these and now the pandemic scares, I am painting every day in my studio. 

Kevin Patrick Sullivan


by Kevin Patrick Sullivan

This time we are living in
Corvid 19 consuming the world news
The day to day actions of our loved ones
My own battle wagged with melanoma
These past nine months
Halfway through the campaign
I have to slow down
Take in the light
The beauty offered
This March miracle
Abstractions falling
My breath filling with
Gratitude and Praise

For Patti

by Kevin Patrick Sullivan

The days are all over the map
The depression of living with cancer
Is knocking me down
Sleepless night after restless dawn
Still I want to sing your beauty
Splash with joy breath by breath
Grab my life
Hold onto my beauty softly snoring
In the bedroom
Beat this drum – this song – this poem
Sleep with you through the night
Continue to build this temple
This ArtLife
With you

Kate Hooray Osmond
Charleston, SC

Kristine Schomaker
Los Angeles CA

John Dingler
Redondo Beach, CA

Art I am working on is in the back; refurbishing a badly-constructed work table I inherited dominates the foreground. The work reminded me once again that redoing an old object often takes more effort than making it from scratch. It is why contractors may charge so much for repairs.

Jody Zellen
Santa Monica, CA, USA

It feels like a ghost town everywhere these days: the streets are empty; the beaches and parks are closed. As we stay at home or walk in isolation, I wanted to provide an alternative experience and am enjoying a return to the “fun” of net art: exploring image text relationships, unstructured narratives, rollovers, gifs and pop up windows. “Avenue S,” (2020) and “Ghost City” (1998-2020), are works of art, not documentation or random jpgs, but an interactive experience that is engaging and interesting in these unprecedented and disconcerting times.

Links: – If you click on the “S” in the homepage grid you will be able to view this new path through my virtual city. or follow this direct link to Avenue S

Jessica, Geoff Molnar and family
Everson, WA USA

Jenny Belin
Brooklyn, NY

Jen Snoeyink
Burbank, CA

Jen Raven
Bakersfield, CA

Glenn Waggner
Los Angeles, CA

Elaine T. Nguyen
San Francisco CA

Dwora Fried
Los Angeles CA

Djibril DRAME
Dakar, Senegal

Diane Cockerill
Los Angeles, CA

This camera-addicted photographer picked up a paint brush and started painting. It’s a work in progress and dedicated to one artist’s life during this pandemic.

Dena Robertson
Los Angeles CA

Debra Disman
Santa Monica CA

Ashley Resurreccion
From Los Angeles, CA but stranded in the Philippines

I am an American citizen from Los Angeles, California who has been stranded in Metro Manila, Philippines since March 16, 2020. The president has ordered a country-wide lockdown, martial law (“to shoot us dead”), and other laws that make it difficult for me to survive — let alone be able to go home.  In spite of pandemic-related issues, I am drawing.

Ashley L. Gnar
San Diego CA

This pandemic has been weird to say the least. I moved into my own place (as in no roommates or live-in partner) for the first time in my life last week and have made my little house into something of a live-work studio. My coffee table has turned into a war zone of my various projects and my kitten is confused as to why I am home all the time, but the high levels of anxiety I was facing at the beginning of the lockdown are finally starting to subside. Having grown up in a state of chaos, I feel oddly at home in this state of perpetual uncertainty. That’s not to say that I’m not concerned for the future or upset by the way the pandemic has been handled, or the lives that are being destroyed by it. Just accepting that I can’t do more than try to help my neighbors when I can and stay inside to fight the spread.

Ann Mitchell
Burbank CA

Finally finished prepping my classes for the first week of “remote” teaching and have returned to the studio. It’s an escape from the jitters – and starting to think that this may become a rather long time to work steadily. One of the areas I’ll explore is working with encaustics – I’ve been pulled towards the circle shape as a starting point and am putting bases on the wood flats. Not sure what I’ll be making in terms of imagery – to address the current situation directly – or to create a space above/beyond it? 

Amabelle Aguiluz
Los Angeles CA

all the days
of time
I am given to create
each day
is a gift I never take for granted.

A. Laura Brody
Altadena CA

Vicky Hoffman
Los Angeles CA

Suzanne Budd
Los Angeles CA

Steven Fujimoto
Redondo Beach CA

Sophia Allison
Los Angeles CA

Sherri Madison
Los Angeles CA

Growing up in the Army I moved every few years. We ALWAYS had boxes around. My brother and I would make everything out of them – forts, furniture, costumes, games… It literally kills me to see someone throw away a box. Now with the “amazon effect” of so much box waste piling up, especially amid the pandemic, I was inspired to use my cardboard cutting military brat skills to try to bring some awareness to the issue of recycling.

My new work is made from 100% recycled cardboard (mostly Amazon boxes). I’m also working with gouache paint which makes these pieces eco friendly and sustainable. My goal is to provide quality fine art while inspiring people to recycle, reuse and to get creative. I’ve added a lot more DIY in to my feed now too. Hoping to help people out at home a little with the “get creative” part.

Scott Yeskel
Los Angeles CA

Patrice Dworkin
Pacific Palisades CA

The rain and social distancing have turned the studio into a moody cocoon. I’m grateful for the peace and solitude, moving between these pieces, waiting for them to tell me what they need.

Marilyn Cvitanic
Pasadena CA

I’m working in my little studio at my home-away-from-home in Pasadena.
My full studio is in NYC. I set up this mini work space when I came to
the Pasadena area four years ago to help my ailing father. He passed
away last year and I’m still dealing with his house and estate. I
thought I would finally fly to NYC March 18, to begin to re-establish my
life there and get my studio up and running, but COVID 19 hit and I’m
back at this little table and easel.

Mara Metcalf
Providence RI

Al Walz
Palm Springs, CA

Geoffrey E. Levitt
Lancaster CA

Lou Patrou
Poughkeepsie, NY

Andrew Lawrence
Los Angeles, CA



This is an art studio photo essay.

What are you working on in your studios or homes as you are self distancing? The photo should be of your work within the studio. Not images of artwork. But work in process, on/with the easel, etc.

This also includes poets writers, songwriters. I would love to include your observations during our social distancing.

Send Art and Cake a high res photo or word doc and we will publish a photo essay and your stories/poetry to show how we are staying creative, empowered and artists are sustaining their practice.

THIS is the best time to be an artist. Experiment, play, be inspired.


A high resolution photo (1200mp on the longest side)
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