On being an Abstract Painter

Nadege Monchera Baer

On being an Abstract Painter

by Kristine Schomaker
As an abstract artist, I have always had an affinity for painters creating work with no representational qualities.

Whether through process, expression, action, the push and pull of color, line, form, beauty, pattern and design, spirituality or a plethora of other ideas, an abstract painter shares their intuitive mind; their inner being; their thoughts and feelings.

These are seen in qualities that are meditative, powerful, explosive, colorful, textural, harsh, layered, smooth, sexy, rhythmic.

Like smooth jazz or a lazy river; an accidental spill or a built up environment, abstract painters explore, experiment and express through paint.

Again, I reached out to my community for recommendations on abstract painters I may not know. I had a folder on my computer of many painters I admire, but through Facebook (Yes, I have a love/hate relationship with it) I was able to put together this photo essay of 195 abstract painters that are in my circle or just out of reach. Take a look, find these artists on social media or their websites and support them by collecting their work and inviting them to curated exhibitions.

click an image to go to the slide carousel and the artists names.


  1. This is a fantastic list of abstract artists you put together. Thank you. I hope I’m on the next list! 🙂

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