Artist Registry

We are proud to present our new online artist registry. We want to offer a way of supporting artists by sharing their work and helping them get on your radar for exhibitions, collections and more. If you are a gallerist, curator or collector, go to the artists website and support them by joining their mailing list, following them on social media or buying their work.

If you are an artist and want to join the artist registry, it is a $50 a year subscription fee. You may change out work once a month for an extra fee or $25. (click on the checkout button below to sign up and send us a high resolution image including your name, title and website to

Contact Art and Cake if you have any questions

Garry Noland “Painting on a Pedestal”
Dylan Turner
Karen Hochman Brown “SAKURA”
Monica Rickler Marks “SAFE HOUSE”
Palmer Earl “Hera, Aphrodite and Athena”
Michael Freitas Wood “You Are Special”
Frederika Roeder “Trafalgar Street, 4th of July, San Clemente Pie”
Pam Douglas “Shelter #1 (from Sanctuary Part 3)”
Linda Sue Price “The Other Side of the Story”
Cindy Rinne “Passages of
Chung-Ping Cheng
Nurit Avesar “Farewell”
SKÜT “Prismatic Love”

Lorette C. Luzajic “Elvis Has Left the Building”

Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja “The Owl and Kindred Spirits I”
Laurie Yehia “Mandala”
Connie DK Lane “15,000 & More: A Plethora of Light and Darkness”
Aurora Bewicke “Virtual Pride”
Velda Ishizaki “Thailand Influence #16”
Dave Clark Seventy One “I am pretty sure it says to…”
Paul Wescott “Lost in Memory”
Aazam Irilian “Illusion 1”
Marta Feinstein “Beyond”
Kathryn Pitt “Pink Sky”
Joey Deruy “Club Willow”
Vicky Hoffman “unBalanced”
Darlyn Susan Yee “Be Kind To Each Other”
Beanie Kaman “Cross Culture”
MB. Boissonnault
Kate Carvellas “That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles”
Debbie Korbel “Crowvid 19”
Robin Street-Morris “Conflagration”
Denis Geary Lopez
Susan Amorde
Suzanne Pratt
Caron G Rand Larry Kramer, 2020
Daryl Bibicoff, “Rainbow and Black in Motion,”
Anne M. Bray “Veils Scraps Weaving”
Toby Corbett “Netting”
Seda Saar
Larry Wolf “Transgression”
Hannah Brooks “Membrane Bound Organelle”
Lucas Novak “The Guitar Soloist”
Natasha Rudenko “Untitled #7 from Be/longing series
Julie Williams “Untitled”
Alison Woods “Ask Mr Science”
Sharon Suhovy “Autumn Breeze” @sharonsuhovyartist
Michael Lightsey “Till they touch in flood”