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Art and Cake, an online art magazine, is reaching out to writers in all different types of communities to pitch art stories from within. We want to hear about art in your community. This can be about local artists whose voices we should hear, or stories about art in the neighborhoods, such as murals, sculptures, installations, etc. This can also be your conceptual community, ie: race, gender, sex, disability, etc. 

We are looking for stories that you want to share about others, not yourself. We are looking for original, exclusive content which would include up to 500 words with images.This is a paid opportunity.#linkinbio for more info

Send questions and pitches to


Submit a photo of your studio and tell us about your studio practice!

No Fee
Deadline March 27, 2022

The contemporary art magazine ART AND CAKE is run by Shoebox Arts

Art and Cake welcomes all to our table. We feel diversity leads to an authentic worldview, inclusion fuels innovation, and transparency helps create an accepting, more equitable work/create/live space. We intentionally and continually evaluate ourselves; encourage open discussion and understanding; and practice skills/experience-based hiring with the understanding education is not accessible to all. We are a work in progress.


  1. Loved the blog on the FAR Bazaar! Thanks for the great photos.

    Great to see you Kristine. You are doing a fantastic job with the blog.

  2. Hello! I am employed with the student gallery at California State University Dominguez Hills. We are conducting research on art blogs/online magazines and are curious to know if you accept press/media releases? Also, may we have contact info?

    Thank you!
    Brittany Ruiz
    Art History

      • Kristine,

        Thank you for getting back to me! I have very little information on the project the Art & Design Department heads are currently working on but I will be more than happy to share with you when I have more info! I will pass this information along.

        Thank you again!

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