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What’s Hot in L.A.? Submissions: OUR WEEKLY EVENT LIST IS CHANGING! Up until now, we get most of our events from Facebook. Recently with the new changes Facebook has made to their events, it is getting more tedious to keep track of exhibition openings/receptions. In the future, we will be adding our top picks for events through our email at If you would like to be considered for our What’s Hot in L.A. feature, please send an email with the event title, venue name, a short description of the event, dates, times, a URL of where people can find more information and a High Res image.

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From the movie Marie Antoinette


  1. Loved the blog on the FAR Bazaar! Thanks for the great photos.

    Great to see you Kristine. You are doing a fantastic job with the blog.

  2. Hello! I am employed with the student gallery at California State University Dominguez Hills. We are conducting research on art blogs/online magazines and are curious to know if you accept press/media releases? Also, may we have contact info?

    Thank you!
    Brittany Ruiz
    Art History

      • Kristine,

        Thank you for getting back to me! I have very little information on the project the Art & Design Department heads are currently working on but I will be more than happy to share with you when I have more info! I will pass this information along.

        Thank you again!

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