Good Eye Gallery and The Jealous Curator join forces in “Girl Crush”

Girl Crush at The Good Eye Gallery.

Good Eye Gallery and The Jealous Curator join forces in “Girl Crush”

By Patrick Quinn

Through March 31st


A recent addition to Eagle Rock’s thriving art community is the Good Eye Gallery.  Founded by Art Therapist Melinda Fay, the gallery began as a series of pop-up events in various local venues.  Buoyed by the success of those events, the search began for a permanent location.  The building Melinda Fay settled on already had a strong creative spirit.  The previous tenant was an artist who used the space as his studio and the building next door was for years the home of the Cactus Gallery, now located in Frogtown.

The Good Eye Gallery’s first show was in May 2015.  “Ode to the Motherlode” set the tone for the type of events the gallery would become known for.  The show featured women who were artists as well as mothers reflecting on how those two choices affect each other.  The current show features an equally strong feminine point of view.  The concept for “Girl Crush” was two-fold.  The first part was an all-day workshop led by author Danielle Krysa, the creative force behind the blogsite “The Jealous Curator.”  Fifteen female artists spent the day exploring their creative blocks and critical inner voices.  Finally, each artist created a collage that reflected their feelings about the issues raised and discussed.

That same creative and supportive spirit is apparent in the group show that opened that same weekend. Nine female artists are featured including work by Stephanie Kelly Clark, Melinda Fay, Samantha Fields, Lisa Golightly, Danielle Krysa, Tasha Kusama, Cory Pohlman, Martha Rich and Stephanie Vovas. The gallery will be donating 20% of all sales from “Girl Crush” to Planned Parenthood.

The show features a variety of styles and techniques, but the art is united by a common sense of mood, place, and color.  Stephanie Kelly Clark’s amazing embroidered needlework looks at first glance like pastels. Lisa Golightly’s deceptively simple beach scenes have the soft gauze of a hazy memory.  Samantha Fields tiny paintings capture the grim beauty of forest fires.  Stephanie Vova’s photographs invoke the washed-out colors of an old seventy’s movie starring Gene Hackman or Nick Nolte.

The Good Eye Gallery features an eclectic mix of original art, vintage furniture & décor, and a gallery space in the front room of the venue.  “Girl Crush” is on display until March 31st.

The gallery is open Thursday thru Saturday from 12:00 – 5:00 and is located at 4538 Eagle Rock Blvd., L.A., CA 90041.  (323)255-4538.

For further information, visit their website or email


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